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ts2 - Train Signalling Simulator

An open source railway simulation game where you have to dispatch trains across an area and keep them on schedule

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v0.6 - 2015-10-26

  • NOTE: New release with Python3/PyQt5 and moving forwards
  • So many new things such as
    • Data is now json and in ts2-data
    • Ability to download sims / signals from ts2-data
    • Trains shunting
    • Trains splitting (joining postponed)
  • Signals update with :
    • New parametric signals
    • French BAL signals (except blinking)
    • UK Shunt signalss


  • Real-time simulation of a train signalling control centre
  • Simulations are file based and can be edited by users within the editor
  • Everything can be changed through the editor, including :scenery layout, allowed routes, timetables and train characteristics (speed, acceleration, braking, length, ...)
  • Simulation scenes have no limitation in size or arrangement


TS2 is beta software, meaning it is playable, but lacks many features that one would expect from a simulation. TS2 is provided with two basic simulations:

  • A demo simulation called "drain"
  • A full-featured simulation called "liverpool-st"
New simulations can be created with the editor provided with ts2.

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